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About Us

We are a team and a mix of young and old people from different areas:
  • manufacturers (AudioTekne, ArtAudio, Holborne, PawelAcoustics, GTE-Audio, Helius designs)
  • musicians (old instrument player Meinrad Müller, violin teacher Dieter Ennemoser, operasinger Laszlo Farkas)
  • reviewers (A-K Bronner, Richard Foster HiFi+, Michael Fremer Stereophile, W. Farkas Blumenbar-Verlag)
  • distributors (Yukimo Japan Corp., Expert-Sound RU, AudioGraffity Milano, tubesound munich)
  • Only this combination of same thinking people can guarantee a satisfying musical solution to be close to life concerts and absolute sound.

    We are visiting since years the important international shows to inform us about products in High Fidelity, which are unique and something special in design, searching for special natural materials (graphite) and natural, non fatiguing sound to bring back the people the lost emotion in music and sound.

    We demonstrate and check these products in our studios in Munich (Germany) and other European places for musicality in longterm listening sessions with the best source-materials available.

    We found out that a basis of satisfying musical components are high efficient speakers tube amplifiers as well as highest quality recordings from top artists and recording engineers See lists of Super LP's and CD's.

    Please look to our selected products and contact us also for advice in Hifi-concepts or products, musical sources (Super LP's and CD's), demos and our special offerings.

    We would be glad, if you can agree to our philosophy of 2-channel High Fidelity for a relaxing musical emotion and feeling for the stressed soul.

    Your TubesoundAudio Team

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